MAEVE (pronounced may-v)

MAEVVE is a registered company under the Business Names Registration Act of Malawi. MAEVE was established with a mission to mitigate climate change in rural Malawi through the dissemination of fuel efficient technologies.  MAEVE’s ability to enter the market of disseminating fuel efficient technologies in rural Malawi paved way for the introduction of technologies such as the Chitetezo Mbaula into the urban market with successful rates. MAEVE’s capacity to promote technologies in rural and urban Malawi has received positive feedback from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Department of Environmental Affairs and the Department of Energy who have encouraged and supported the promotion of fuel efficient technologies in rural and now urban markets.

Malawi faces a biomass energy crisis marked by an increasing imbalance between the supply and the demand for the fuel by households, institutions and industries. Fuel wood has traditionally been ‘free’ but with increased scarcity it is more difficult to source due to increased deforestation for charcoal production. One of the most effective strategies to sustainably contribute towards the reduction of this problem is through an extensive dissemination of biomass energy efficient technologies.

MAEVE has therefore tasked itself to solve the imbalance of fuel demand through the promotion and dissemination of cook stoves targeted to households and institutions for cooking and heating purposes as well as farmers through improved farming technologies. Presently, MAEVE distributes excellent life-saving / forest-saving stoves and farming technologies with very clever sustainable financing from the carbon markets. For more details on our involvement with the carbon market, visit .

MAEVE PROJECT is a partner of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, a public-private initiative led by the United Nations Foundation to save lives, improve livelihoods, empower women and preserve the environment by creating a thriving global market for clean cooking solutions. Learn more at